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Repatriants Receive Support and Counsel 

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Thousands of potential Israeli citizens in the Land without basic rights. Global Aliyah is committed to serving them.

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Men and Women are in Great Need

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Global Aliyah Takes a Stand for Justice

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Thousands of Jewish People Without Help

“Thousands apply for citizenship while within the borders of Israel. More than 6,000 people (20% of the people who made Aliyah in 2015) succeeded to change their status from a tourist to a new immigrant in 2015. Today when eligible people arrive as tourists they suffer for many long months until they are able to prove their right for repatriation. They have no health insurance and no right to work. We need to be prepared to assist them."

Lia Shemtov Former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset

In Great Need of Justice

"We were first ignored, then treated with contempt and were told to fill the applications. Within a week, they told us, they'll contact us again. We didn't get any calls from them."

Mr.s N.K. Mistreated Jewish Repatriant

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