About Global Aliyah

Global Aliyah is dedicated to assisting those in need through a variety of practical services. Quite often, our work begins with consultations and explaining the rights, privileges and obligations prior to change of status from tourist to the status of Oleh Hadash, or "new repatriate."  Afterwards, upon them receiving the status of Oleh Hadash, we offer assistance in translating and authorizing documents, assistance in document search, archives in synagogues, and family registries to prove the Jewishness of the applicants.

In certian cases, we offer assistance in DNA testing to prove family relations and consequently the Jewish roots. Throughout the entire process, Global Aliyah encourages the tourist-olim applicants to be persistant in their efforts. The process can take years. In addition, and to a significant level, Global Aliyah offers financial assistance for the destitute families among the tourist-olim applicants.

The Global Aliyah Team

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