While the world is on edge over a potentially impending invasion into Ukrainian territory by Russia, there is special cause for concern for many Jews who have families in Russian-annexed Crimea, most notably those living in the Donbas region who could be caught in a crossfire if war breaks out. Plan B could involve fleeing to Israel. “But they are also aware that, worst case, the airports could shut down. I think then they’d pack up a car and just drive, maybe to Poland, then a flight to Israel. They’re thinking of all the different escape routes, just in case, especially since my brothers have little kids. It’s good to plan ahead.” Jewish organizations estimate that 75,000 Ukrainians residing in the eastern part of the country, many of them elderly, are eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return, which allows immigration to those who have one Jewish grandparent. Please read more:


Plan B Could Involve Fleeing to Israel

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