Shocking news and a surprising discovery

K’s family from Russia were shocked when the doctors said that their 15-year-old son Daniel has leukemia. Unexpectedly their life had radically changed – excruciating pains and the physician’s report that Russian doctors cannot help Daniel forced them to travel for treatments in Israel.
Daniel began to undergo intensive (and expensive) chemotherapy at the Sheba hospital in Tel Aviv and relatives and friends were mobilized to collect money for treatment. One of their appeals for help reached the Global Aliya and we decided to help them. When we contacted K, we found that her father was Jewish and that the whole family had the right to repatriate.

K and her son with their new Israeli ID

Fast results

Usually, the procedure for changing status in Israel lasts from three to four months from the moment all documents are submitted and are found to be correct. Since K and their son arrived in Israel for urgent treatments, not intending to repatriate, they did not have all the papers prepared.

Global Aliya succeeded in helping them to find all documents and formalize the change of status in one month. We were assisted by the lawyer Yadin Elam, who worked with the Ministry of Interior, and the Minister of Absorption, Sofa Landver, who achieved an expedited document check.

From Shocking Diagnose to Hope of New Life in a New Homeland

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